Maid-sama – Episode 20

This show has an unusual amount of filler episodes. This episode consists of making Yukimura’s little sister be a princess for a day. And then there’s a side show about a promotional video shoot with Yukimura and his hypnotic sidekick.

If Misaki x Usui actually had a child

A Quick Summary

Yukimura’s sister walks by the front of his school and she introduces him as a boy in the neighborhood to her friends. Misaki and Usui walk into the scene together and Yukimura’s sister immediatly notices his blonde hair and claims him as her prince. From there, 15 minutes are spent with Usui walking around the city with a little girl while dressed a prince.

In the second half, Aoi-girl wants to make a PV of him/her-self and Yukimura and the other guy just happen to be there when he surrounded by a group of guys. The three idiots come along in a flea market sale and of course, Misaki’s sister is selling something. Aoi takes the memory card out of his camera and is holding it incredibly close to the edge of a cliff and a thief comes running by and knocks him over causing the memory card to plummet to the ground below. Additional, he is pushed off but Misaki whom of course was chasing the thief managed to grab his hand in the nick of time. The memory card safely landed in Usui’s hand while he was sleeping on a bench below in the park.

An episode of filler: priceless

'It's a prince!...
'A princess should not use those words!'
Misaki seriously looked better than Yukimura's sister as a princess.
A setting that is too perfect - and nobody notices
The weird sister.
'How about a candy whip... please?'


An episode like this is really pointless. It didn’t move the story with Misaki and Usui along at all – although I didn’t expect it to because of what happened last week. That was enough for everyone for a while. I don’t like Yukimura or Aoi/girl/boy so there wasn’t much going on here. It was nice to see Misaki as a princess though instead of a maid.

Speaking of maids. This anime doesn’t really revolve around maids as much as one would be led to believe. It’s sometimes absent in an episode completely and sometimes it’s center stage. I wonder how many episodes this is going to go for.


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