Amagami SS – Episode 12 – Sae as a Penguin

While I haven’t been blogging at all these past weeks since school started, I have been keeping up though always a few days late. Anyway, I saw Sae as a penguin tonight. I was shocked by the ending they chose for this arc’s conclusion. You died from an overdose of moé too, actually.

Yeah, because this'll make more money than Avatar!

No Summaries

No summaries while not blogging anime – Random Curiosity has a lovely summary though. THAT has one now too, but it’s in lyrical poetic form.

Blue Penguin + Black Kitty = Mega Win

There is no coverage of the actual events since I’m not blogging honestly again until the fall season starts. No worries there. But I am covering the cutest thing ever. Here’s penguin girl!

Sae As A Penguin - Really, nothing cuter.

Sae as a penguin is impossibly cute. But then, we add the to fun!

Unlike Sae's hair in her custum, Miya's hair matches her's

We were given a bonus. Since there is no Miya arc and we needed a final glimpse of her before this arc ends, they gave us Kuro Neko Miya! Together, Sae and Miya clearly fill Junichi’s new fetish – cute animal costumes with moe girls inside. One might say that fish feet kissing scene was fetishy, but it’s not – it’s fishy.



That concludes my short post on the cutest thing ever.

It was fun / Time was too short / We ended with a blue penguin / Which was never alluded to


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4 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Episode 12 – Sae as a Penguin”

  1. Sae was definitely cute in the penguin suit, but for me nothing beat Miya as a cat. Perfect for how she acts,and it matched her facial expression when she peeked around the edge of the door perfectly.

    Ai arc up next. Supposedly she’s the favorite in Japan, though that’s about all I know about her. I hear talk of tsundere, but I don’t know that for certain.

    1. It was definitely perfect.

      I haven’t heard much about Ai. She’s looked kind of empty, as if she’s always thinking about something else that’s more important. She’s like gives off that shy vibe like Sae, but it’s not so shy. It’s more recluse.

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