Amagami SS – Intermission

How about a big appluase for my new brainwashed zombie slave co-blogger, Needles! He was one of those surprises I mentioned last week.

Anyway, on with the news. Apparently Amagami SS is taking a break this week. According to the episode list, episode 13 was aired on September 24th and episode 14 will be aired on October 8th! That means they skipped October 1st.

Since I don’t have anything new to add, I thought I’d introduce you to my new favorite ED, Koi wa Mizu-iro by Yukana.

Due to some silly idealistic copyright system some country has, apparently constructive critiques and criticisms aren’t allowed. Stay classy, Tokyo Broadcasting. Stay classy.

The ending of Ai’s arc is fantastic. Those questions, what are you doing? and what are you looking at? are made up of win-sauce. The reference to poker face is interesting. I’ve commented heavily that I think Ai is mysterious. Right after saying poker face, they cut to Ai with her mouth periced and then she has the grin of mystery. After that, there is a cut to Ai in a field surrounded by trees in the wind on a partly cloudy day. Certainly her entire atmosphere is cloudy. The way she is colored in this scene though is mysterious. Her hair covers her eyes, and it’s darker than normal too. Her body is partly covered in shadows as well. Finally, she has her hands behind her back. Next Junichi is walking away on the city side walk while Ai stares after him, which seems normal until we see her shocked face. The rest isn’t as novel, a scene of her swimsuit and her in outer-space walking around. The ED ends with the final smile of Ai as she turns around.

Hopefully that can abate the Amagami addiction for four days. Good luck!

Mysteriously Committed.

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