Tsukasa made a mistake

Amagami’s final arc is surely the best for me. I expected the mystery in Ai’s arc but received none. This arc was more interesting because the impression of Tsukasa was super extra amazing and nice. Well, we’re obviously wrong on that count.

Tsukasa of course has her own on demand personality switcher where she can be as tough as nails or as nice as a puppy. This picture shows her reaction when she accused Junichi of reading her notebook.

Very cute outside and yet so malevolent on the inside.

The topic of her notebook seems like something I’d like to expand more on. Many say that the notebook represented her structured and very orderly ways. That on demand personality change must need a lot of maintenance and the only place that could be is in that notebook. Lies upon lies and to whom she paid extra courtesy to each day. I can’t imagine having such a split personality on purpose, especially not for the state reason of “look out for myself”.

We’re coming up quickly of the presumable finale of Amagami too.

Unmistakably committed.

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