New Year’s Look Back

I’m looking back right now. I don’t see a stand out show personally. I loved Squid Girl, Working!! and Angle Beats. Yet, none of those seem like an icon for the entire year. Maybe Amagami? It’s been running for six months – half a year, holding my captivation. However it wandered all over the place for me, hot Haruka, family Kaoru, squishy Sae, Mysterious Ai, Boring Rihiko and Two-faced Tsukasa – I could pick the last as the best but that leaves the rest kind of dead in the water.

Perhaps this kind of indisision is how the literature industry feels about plays. They see them but can’t tell if they’re groundbreaking for thirty years. Epi is doing something like that but with the entire decade. He’s done a great job too in my opinion.

Let me just nominate Railgun as my favorite. It’s not special or groundbreaking. It’s average. It was good. As my favorite character though, let me nominate Kuroneko. I’d love to see more of her. There’s that sense of mystery behind a character that I want to see unraveled. I’m waiting for that good mystery to up.

That’s all from me. Have a fantastic new year.

New Year’s Commit!

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