“Yo, I heard you like fail…”

From Steins;Gate episode 9 at 7:37:

Yo, I heard you like fail, so we put some fail in your fail, so you can facepalm while you facepalm.

"so we put some fail in your fail, so you can facepalm while you facepalm."

AKA: 2channer!

Unexpected and incredibly memorable moment.

One-time commit.

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8 thoughts on ““Yo, I heard you like fail…””

  1. I fell absolutely in love with this anime when I heard that. It gets even better in Episode 11 starting at 10:20.

    Okabe: Then what? You’d sage them?
    Makise: I hate myself for understanding that last sentence.

      1. While yes, it was basically a random meme to send the point across that Kurisu was an @channer (basically the same as 2chan or 4chan) it’s actually a meme making fun of Xzibit where you post a sentence that follows this format:”{yo,sup} dawg, I herd you like X, so I put an X in your Y so you can VERB while you VERB”.

  2. Nice…the sub is funny…:-)LOL I’m not really conscious on words or sentence in subs as long as it’s understandable but with that sub I really can’t understand what it meant.

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