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Robotics;Notes finally ended this weekend. If you saw Steins;Gate as I had in real time in 2011, you might have had expectations of Robotics;Notes being another incredible anime. You might have been disappointed this time around. My friend (let’s call him, Madd Matt) and I have focused on Robotics;Notes this prior season to ascertain if Steins;Gate could be replicated into another series or if it was a lost cause. In our opinions, it was: the characters, while somewhat interesting in their unique ways, stayed too flat despite their own developing arcs and even completely omitted plot line segments, and then, the plot itself which was poorly paced and disjointed at times. I don’t write reviews, so what are you talking about, I’m a caption artist.

On a completely arbitrary scoring system, where Steins;Gate earned a 10, Robotics;Notes earned a 7. (And 10 is the highest, 1 is the lowest.) Chaos;Head, for those that remember that joke, earns a 5 on a good day, maybe a 4 on a bad day. Overall, it was good. If there are future installments of this franchise, I will definitely rewatch it and suggest others do as well, but it’s no masterpiece (as per the ANN scale).

But in other news, hey, Occultic;Nine is kinda the next series in the franchise, but it’s actually not really. Whatever the case is though, the name has the semi-colon and I’ll likely be sold, eventually.

No, excuse me, I have a light novel to read.


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