Ryanime’s history started when he was young. His first anime was more or less Sailor Moon on what once was the greatest ameican anime outlets, Toonami. His passion for anime started probably in 1998, and increased steadily until he achieved the speed to learn to watch anime online, and in the mean time watching Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakasho, Ruroni Kenshin and Outlaw Star to name a few.

Toonami met a sad demise at the hands of a corrupt network. At the same time, Ryanime found an alternative for a short time: TechTV offered Anime Unleashed show casing Lain and Banner of the Stars, Dual and the incredible Last Exile. This source did not last very long as a death grip soon appeared for not only the anime, but the entire network.

When Ryanime finally obtained internet fast enough to access anime online, let’s just say that he wasn’t thinking about it very much. In the middle of 2006 however, he stumbled upon Crunchyroll. With Crunchyroll, Ryanime was able to watch the latest and greatest anime, for the most part. After a couple of seasons, in the mid-2007, Crunchyroll’s monetization scheme was in full effect and Ryanime had to seek other avenues of anime resources.

While he was seeking these elusive resources, his horizons opened up immensely. He saw the great classics, such as Kanon, Haruhi and Lucky Star. In fact, he has seen so many anime now, he can’t even think about early examples.

In fall of 2009, Ryanime stumbled upon two fantastic blogs, Sea Slugs and THAT. Discovering the amount of unknown anime was partially due to those sources. In addition, his desire to blog grew and grew some more. He has lived through hard and confusing times in the past seasons, and he is now covering some of the tail end of the summer 2010 season.

Ryanime’s personality is interesting, he believes. It’s mixture of causal commentary but with potentially witty remarks. He hasn’t figured out his real style yet, so everyone has to live with this for now. He is technically inclined to admit he loves technology, but won’t openly admit what he does for a living either, but in any case, he it is safe to say he is a student still.

The ryanime blog was started because Ryanime loves anime. He wanted to talk about his thoughts, but he didn’t want those thoughts to be mixed up with the rest of life – think of it as separation of church and state.

His inspiration comes from other anime blogs and from his friends at his place of worship school. Effectively, ryanime is new for Ryanime, because he has never blogged in the style that is required more or less for anime blogging. Ryanime would absolutely love to blog with others though who love anime, so contacting him might a good idea if that is appealing.

So, let’s see how he does.

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