The World God Only Knows Episodes – 3 Through 8

Hey there, were you guys lonely without me? Probably not but anyways but, hey, I’m back for a bit although this week is probably one of my most busy week of this month. So I thought I’d just do a whole plot summery since I don’t want to spam this place with tons of episodes.

I left off after introducing Mio’s arc, so I’ll continue from there.

Kill him! its the only way

Well, it turns out that finding out about Mio’s secret was a good thing and not a bad thing. So this forced the conquest to be faster and easier but a lot more effort consuming.

Typical Tsundere lines

To complete the conquest Keima took Mio to a rich persons party, although it was only in the back yard of that rich person’s party. He allowed Mio to make a choice to go off with the rich people or stay with him. The kiss sealed her fate and the loose soul gets bottled up.

wonder if hes gotten used to it now, hes not blushing anymore

That ends off Episode 3 and Mio’s arc, Episode 4 only contains Keima trying to beat an extremely bugged game.

yes, it is litterally a Tearjerker if its that bugged
Hours of work for nothing...

In the end Keima manages to pass the bugged area of the game and hes really happy about it. As anyone would expect another bug happens to pop up and our hero’s soul resonances thus getting fired up all over again.

Idol and newest target, Nakagawa Kanon

Episode 5-7 is the Kanon arc, she is a famous new pop idol and Elci is completely taken by her singing.

GIGA DEAN!!! (play dragon quest if your confused)

As usual, cute characters don’t come without a catch. She is very emotional about how she needs to be noticed or else she goes berserk, or — stun-gun rampage friendly. In this arc we also learn a bit more about the Loose Souls, that their powers can cause odd things to happen to the human host.

An ability most guy's would love to have...

As I’ve said, the Loose Soul can causes the human host to have odd abilities. In Kanon’s case she can pretty much turn invisible because she believes that she is transparent or non-existent if someone doesn’t notice her.

as everyone suspected, Yandere!!!

Keima gives her his email and what does he find as the first email? Wow, if she wasn’t a yandere I’d be shocked. He is forced to counsel her every problem to cheer her up. Basically she can’t do her job or live without Keima cheering her on, so she gets the title of Yandere.

oh, hes back to blushing again

After a crazy ordeal of, “please be mine Keima-kun”, he denied her and taught her a lesson about how he can’t keep her all to himself. With the kiss, Loose Soul captured.

I wonder if the tentacles are what he's supposed to eat.

In Episode 8 its completely about how Elci wants to prove to Keima that she can do something right. By something right, she decides that it has to be a strawberry shortcake. Although she did it in vain because Keima apparently hates sweet things. Still, Keima secretly ate the cake that Elci thought was taken by the green dragonish beast. For that, he earned a minor concussion from his mother.


In the end Elci’s lunch box was actually the predator instead of the prey. Thus a new species of monsters are born. The green dragonish beast was no match for the 5 by 5 lunch box with a snake like mouth, beast.


I’ll leave off with Keima’s quote, A game is a game, reality is reality, People who try to link them together are the ones who can’t tell the difference. It feels like this is a message to most criticizers and anime/game haters out there.

If you’re an anime or game hater, then you, well, you wouldn’t even be on this site.

The World God Only Knows – Episode 2

We start right back at where we left off on episode 1, Elci introduces herself as Keima’s younger sister. The majority of this episode was based on Elci trying to get Keima to accept her as his younger sister. The left over time was used to introduce a new girl with a loose soul inside of her.

how about yourself, Are you really a high school student?

It seems Elci will be making the real complicated for Keima. Elci is bombarded with questions as soon as she claims herself to be Keima’s younger sister. Without thinking she says something embarrassing, she claims that all of the girls in the world will be chasing after him.

Angelic smile

We are introduced to Keima’s mother, she seems to be very energetic and active, unlike a certain someone.

Oh snap!

Well, this is odd, what happened to the angelic smile? First impressions are usually always deceiving, I guess. This is one of the twists we don’t usually see in mother characters. In the end they never actually said what her name was so we’ll just name her, Keimama. Also from this we can tell that she will be a supporting character, such as adding in comedy and such to the anime. I guess that’s natural since it would be awkward if the mom ever has a loose soul in her.

lol... that is all.

Keima’s standards for sisters are pretty extremely high, Elci’s going to have a tough time trying to make him accept her. Although this act also causes Keima to have a hard time too.

Bon appétit

Keima has to eat a ridiculously horrible looking dish, and as usual the dish is actually pretty good. Or so you’d think, the after effects of the dish was a devastating trip to the bathroom. With this done, Elci has managed to clear 2 of Keima’s requirements. In the end, Keima accepts Elci as his younger sister but only because he claims that it would be easier to just accept her than to deny her.

Next target, Twin-Tails! Aoyama Mio

Here is the new girl with a loose soul, Aoyama Mio, apparently to Keima she is an easy catch. He tries to get her to come out of her “iron maiden shell” by confessing and pays for it.

oh, i know, its a fountain.

It seems Keima’s calculations was incorrect, he must of had missed something about her that makes her different from the other 300 girls he’s seen in his games. That something, is found out at the end of the anime.

So she's not rich -.-

Maybe this was the reason why she has a loose soul? At school shes thought to be a super rich girl but she’s actually not rich. There are many things to ask but none will be answered until Keima makes a move in the next episode to find out why she has a loose soul.


It seems that Keima’s not going to be solving each girls problems in only 1 episode, and every episode wont be about Keima making a girl fall in love with him. So if you thought that this anime was all about just making girls fall in love and no story at all, you are mistaken.

The World God Only Knows – Episode 1

Ryanime beat me to this series first post due to me having technical difficulties but I shall not back down!

Katsuragi Keima, a young boy who loves girls… that’s pretty normal… is what you guys are probably saying right now, but no he doesn’t love real girls, he loves the girls in games. He has already cleared ten thousand girls in dating simulations and is refered to as the God of Conquest in the internet/gaming world. Keima is eager to prove himself as the god when he receives an email from Dokuro Skull, asking Keima if he could clear a girl for him. After accepting, things become drastic-like, a gigantic gust of wind appears, blowing Keima into a wall and a girl gently floats down. She is a demon who has come to Earth to recapture loose souls that have escaped from hell, loose souls plant themselves in the heart of girls that are in distress. The only way to get the souls out is to replace the distress in the girls heart with love, for that to happen devils need a partner who can do this and that is where Keima comes into play.

Keima is Hard Core

Katsuragi Keima is a pretty interesting character, from what we know from this first episode, he feels that games are more important than his classes. Obviously someone who’s got the balls to openly play a game in the middle of class is someone who has got to be interesting.

Noo Keima, Its a trick!!!

Obviously, Keima goes all in blind with his title as God of Conquest on the line. His pride would simply not allow him to decline the request.

Elucia de Lut lma (Elci), Decends

I guess the only thing that makes her look like a demon in any way would be her head accessory, the skull. She’s now Keima’s partner until all loose souls are captured and if Keima dies so does Elci, we all have enough common sense to know that Keima wont be dying because he’s the main character and all but we can never be too sure.

As expected of a Hard Core gamer.

Well, this is rejection at its fullest, I guess this kind of reaction was foreseen due to the crazy leap Elci just took Keima on.

The first target is Takahara Ayumi, Keima absolutely rejects the idea of capturing her because he believes the Track club members must have their hair tied up and be in bloomers.

Head Acessory ON, Cuteness level skyrocketing

Well in most anime’s bloomers are the norm while in PE class, so I guess its ok if its for the track club too. What I really wonder is, why does the bloomer incident only happen once? If Keima wont recognize the track club if not for bloomers and their hair being tied up, why does he still go with the capture even though Ayumi’s no longer in bloomers for the rest of the capture time?

Who the heck would believe such a cheesy line.

The full line was, “If its ranking you’re worried about, You’re already in first place, In my heart.

After the kiss scene the loose soul comes out and Elci manages to capture it using a really tiny bottle. I wonder how that actually works, but since this is an anime I don’t have any real arguments to hold against it.

Holy $@#$ it worked!?!?

In the end, Ayumi’s memories of the capture is erased and Keima believes he can go back to his easy life style. Although from what we know, Ayumi’s memories should be erased but why did she blush when Keima congratulated her? Did she truly lose her memories? I sense alot of foreshadowing!


I like the series so far, the OP was great even if it might have been a rip off of Eden like Ryanime claims. I’d estimate this series to be on the top five list of this season, since I’ve watched pretty much every new anime that has come out already for this season. Although this anime’s going to only be 12 episodes, the second season of this anime has already been decided to be aired for Spring of 2011 before the first episode even came out, now that’s some great confidence. Keima’s going to have to deal with the Real world a lot now that Elci’s with him 🙂

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