Asobi ni Iku yo! dropped in 15 minutes

I was bored the other day, so I was checking out my options. Since I just had to watch something, I decided to try out Asobi ni Iku yo. Well, that plan didn’t work out.

At first, there was some kind of ship on some kind of ocean, and there was a mecha-suit for some girl to beat up all of the people on the ship. She eventually made her way to the head of ship, where she met the alleged captain, who had a bomb. She pleaded but failed and the ship exploded. And then the show starts turning sour. Suddenly, there is a cat girl, who is not proportioned for earth gravity – yes, she’s an alien. Somehow, the guy who mets the girl faints, and he winds up in bed, with her, sleeping next to him. His uncle apparently hold her to sleep “where ever”. The guy’s best friend, asks him about it. And then the teacher comes in and starts on some, “You’re too young!” and the story ends there. Because I closed the window. And dropped it.

I was at 15:01 and I closed it, seriously. It’s not coming back. It was terrible.

I discovered this post, describing almost perfectly about how I feel it. Although I disagree about the Angel Beats part, I actually enjoyed Angel Beats.

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