The World God Only Knows – Eden Theft

I was again slightly bored so I decided to try out one of the new series premieres. This time it was The World God Only Knows.

The premise isn’t bad; the main character, Keima, is an otaku who has conquered just about ten thousand girls in dating simulations. He calls himself the God of Conquest because of that and offers his advice to people playing games he has conquered. He’s also very eger to prove himself as when he receives an invitation or a challenge in his mind to conquer a girl, things start going crazy. A girl falls from the sky who also happens to be a demon. She must capture loose souls that have escaped hell but in order to do that, the hate in the hearts of the host girls (where the loose souls infiltrate) must be replaced with love, which is where Keima comes in.

The Case In Point

Since I hadn’t looked at the series before hand, the OP is what made me want to comment on this. It blatantly ripped off Eden of the East. I understand that kinetic type is popular these days, but Eden seriously pioneered it for the OPs in the anime and both movies.

Eden loves to use words in the background. Shakespeare.

Those are the two major instances of theft. Compare that to the original anime OP of Eden of the East.

You can see some very similar imagery there. The faded bars breaking imagery a part, the overlaid images; dynamic and static images and so on. To a lesser extent, the movies use this type of graphics too, but less and less.

While it's not a Phone, it's still a device which is mysterious.

Side Notes

While I don’t think I’ll cover anymore of this series, the girls deserve some attention.

One wouldn't expect a Demon to have a name like that

This is of course the new lovable demon that Keima must associate with because he was being stupid. She isn’t really an air head, but her personality is pushing me to think of her as one.


Each episode features a girl for Keima to conquer. This one happened to a track girl. He says, “Track girls must wear their hair up in a ponytail.” Well, since I’m a sucker for ponytails, they really should. The climax of this episode hinges on the fact that Keima can notice these fine details about people. I’m not going to spoil it since it’s so new, I don’t think many people have seen it yet.

That’s all I have. Really, I just wanted to rant about Eden of the East since it’s awesome.

One-time Commit.