Ghost Hunt – Halloween

Happy Halloween! I remember that as a freshmen in high school, I watched Ghost Hunt the day before and the day of Halloween. Some of those arcs were especially gruesome and terrifying and of course, when it’s close to Halloween, it does indeed get kind of spooky.

Gruesome and humorous.

Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt was kind of different. It wasn’t a mainstream series. It’s kind of like a well written Occult Academy – in the sense it deals with paranormal and often impossible things. It’s story is based in arcs, where each arc is a case the team has to solve before some horrific happens to either someone they’re solving the case for or one of the team members themselves. It was a fun series, moments of humor, there was some romance and of course what everyone wants, some horror.

Looking back now, the animation might come off slightly dated but after five years, isn’t that to be expected? Just a few months ago, during summer vacation, I took a few hours to re-watch my favorite arcs and I was satisfied. The average ANN rating is Very Good so I’d say it’s worth your time too.

You can grab the DVDs in English from the Funimation website. Or simply stream the episodes with subs, presumably, from ANN. The first episode starts out with three girls telling ghost stories after school in a dark science lab. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, unless you watch!

Once again, Happy Halloween.