No Summaries (From Me)

If you’ve read any of my latest posts, you may have noticed that I really don’t like writing summaries. I give them a lot of grief. Way too much. So I thought I’d take a moment to enlighten everyone as to why I have a serious grudge against summaries (of anime).

The Summary of Why Summaries Are Terrible (To Write)

You have to waste time writing what anime did with sound and visualizations. Honestly, what is worse than spending seven minutes writing a longer than expected paragraph of something you know your audience has probably already seen? Not much else is worse than that.

Take a look at how my favorite anime blogs write their summaries: THAT and Slugs. In each case, there are a good number of paragraphs committed to each episode. I write about the same amount but with less information. They’re professional bloggers, you know, I’m not. That said, I take a different approach to my posts than THAT and Slugs, they’re doing episodic recaps and analysis and I’m simply just making jokes.

Essentially, if I was making fancy podcasts like TWiT does, I would too make much more of an effort to describe the episode’s events in detail. It’s a massive time sink. One I’m not dealing with.

Some may do their summaries differently than I do, but I will continue to live on with my summary hate scheme.