Seitokai Yakuindomo – Episode 8

Essentially, there is no story and we all know that. So without any further ado. Actually – one moment. Mitsuba and Shino look a bit alike. I think they both have their qualities too (Mitsuba’s hair and Shino’s face). It was good to see that Shino actually had some conviction to perform well for once and not mess up by inappropriately touching her opponent.

Glorious victory!

A Quick Summary of no Story

We start off with the student council figuring out new events to introduce into the Sports Festival because the school is now co-ed. Of course, Shino and Aria produce ridiculous ideas that are unfit – I don’t even know. Another scene, Suzu goes to Tsuda’s house to pick up because he was late for the last tidy cloths day. His sister walks up and asks him if he’s a pedophile and of course, Suzu freaks out at her. A member of the morals committee visits the student council due to concerns with them sleeping in the same room on their vacation. He member that visits the room though is afraid of guys, so Tsuda scares her away. A button is loose on Tsuda’s pants, and Suzu offers to mend it, and of course, Aria misinterprets the situation and tells Shino strange things. Finally, the president offers to be a stand in when Mitsuba losses a member in her Judo team – and the president wins!

404 – No Story Found

Talking about overdoing it - you just did.

Is there a purpose for these rules? I’ve found that the rules describe exactly what the student council and Shino and Aria specifically do not adhere to. Although, bonus points for the Mitsuba cameo.


What? Are you, Taka-nii? The Suzu jokes normally stick to her height and it did this time too, but she actually looks like a child too. So that’s why it was more severe.

Tsuda is happy now - he can have more children like Suzu

The mini-anime embedded in this episode was about a guy who ran into a girl turning the corner. He saw her panties and then she beat him up. Later, a teacher introduces the guy into the class. Eventually, he confesses to her and then they get married and have a kid – there Japan’s population problem solved. Of course, Suzu was too short for this camera shot. It’s getting a bit overused.

'No bugs larger than 1cm!'

A fly got into the student council room. Shino was terrofied and Aria was useless. Suzu said she couldn’t deal with bugs larger than 1cm (another height joke). Shino thought she could open the window and let it fly out, but another one flew in. Tsuda walked in and slapped it. They were all glossy eyed after that, but Tsuda realized he hasn’t been praised before that and he’s been useless since.

No comment.


There isn’t much need for reflection. Suzu jokes are, I admit, getting old now. The president and Mitsuba scenery was good though.