FLCL The Great

I read a post from Borderline Hikikomori about episode four of FLCL. I commented:

I was in elementary school when FLCL aired on Cartoon Network. I remember I used a ‘tape recorder’ to record each episode.

I was in sixth grade just as Naota was in FLCL. Obviously this show wasn’t designed for children in mind, but at the time, it was exactly what I wanted.

Ohh! It tickles.

Seriously, all of these high level topics mixed in with humor that a sixth grader to appreciate. That’s pretty neat. Looking back on old high quality anime like that, ten years ago now, is interesting. back then, I thought it was visually stunning but now it’s just a blur of it’s former beauty.


Ryanime’s Off Season Time

You might have noticed a huge span of time where I haven’t said a word. You might have noticed that I never covered Index 2 at all. Let me explain my reasons for those things.


I’ve been busy. Working seriously bites my time off in chunks. It’s also sad that I really do prefer doing Calculus problems instead of Blogging. Even this post is going to be short because, really, I don’t care right now now.

Still Going

I’m actually still watching episodes. Of what? I absolutely love Squid Girl. It’s way better than Index 2. That brings me to my second point; Index 2 sucked. I took the screen-caps of Index 2’s first episode two weeks ago or so and I was applauded at just how bad it was. I saw Railgun, then Index 1 and now Index 2 cannot measure up. At all. Surely it gets better like wine as I progress down the line of episodes, but that’s what marathoning is for.

I’m also watching this season’s new maid-show, you know, with the clumsy and no very maid-like girl? I can’t remember the name right now and refuse to look it up. It’s pretty good.

Not Really

I haven’t actaully seen Maid-show or Squid Girl in a while. I’ve been watching the first season of Letter Bee. Why? It reminds me of D.Gray Man. The hero of the story is young and unaware of his hidden powers, his true meaning. The world is similar, industrial punk, in a way. It seems more cheerful in a way, not as mature as D.Gray Man was, but nonetheless, pretty excellent. Allen Walker and Lag Seeing are very similar. Lag is a poor name choice though.


As soon as I’m done marathoning all the way through Letter Bee and then through whatever has come out of Letter Bee Reverse so far, I’ll return to the regular posting schedule.

Last commit.

Weekly Tweet Recap 2010-10-16

  • Wait. Wait. Wait. Amagami SS has a new OP. Wait. #
  • Amagami is winning. #
  • So it has been two weeks since the last Amagami. Tonight I took 117 screencaps. That's about 90 more than I normally take. #
  • Updated thematic. Found out that it caused every image caption to become bloated. Spent the last 3 minutes fixing that. #
  • You'll love my full feed for the blog: http://ryanime.com/feed/ #
  • The World Only God Knows EP 1 – http://ryanime.com/2010/10/09/the-world-god-only-knows-episode-1/ #

No Summaries (From Me)

If you’ve read any of my latest posts, you may have noticed that I really don’t like writing summaries. I give them a lot of grief. Way too much. So I thought I’d take a moment to enlighten everyone as to why I have a serious grudge against summaries (of anime).

The Summary of Why Summaries Are Terrible (To Write)

You have to waste time writing what anime did with sound and visualizations. Honestly, what is worse than spending seven minutes writing a longer than expected paragraph of something you know your audience has probably already seen? Not much else is worse than that.

Take a look at how my favorite anime blogs write their summaries: THAT and Slugs. In each case, there are a good number of paragraphs committed to each episode. I write about the same amount but with less information. They’re professional bloggers, you know, I’m not. That said, I take a different approach to my posts than THAT and Slugs, they’re doing episodic recaps and analysis and I’m simply just making jokes.

Essentially, if I was making fancy podcasts like TWiT does, I would too make much more of an effort to describe the episode’s events in detail. It’s a massive time sink. One I’m not dealing with.

Some may do their summaries differently than I do, but I will continue to live on with my summary hate scheme.