Fall Season 2010

It’s getting incredibly close to the beginning of the fall season. I haven’t been keeping up with the end of the current series conclusions but I will watch it all in one go soon.

I have been watching the remake of Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I remember commenting to myself last year that I hated the animation. It turns out, I don’t even notice it now, whatever the problem was. The story is much better now to say the least; fleshing out so many details and answering unanswered questions. I have yet to finish, but with less than fifteen episodes to go, I’ll probably get it done before Friday.

This fall season, I intend to make a return covering two lovely series.

The first being a carryover, Amagami SS. As one of the few anime series remaining from the summer season and as one of my favorites, I’ll happily cover it. There’s plenty of commentary to go through, after all. I am certainly looking forward to the remaining arcs, especially the class president’s, Tsukasa Ayatsuji.

The second series I will cover is Index 2. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (which bizarrely doesn’t have an entry on Wikipedia) was favorite series from last year. I remember watching Index 1 but it wasn’t as complete as Railgun was. Actually, I like Misaka much more than I actually like Index. Index is annoying, Misaka isn’t.

I also have some surprises planned for this season here on the blog. They’re not ready yet, but look for a post concerning each of those surprises soon.

Awaiting commit.


It may come as a surprise, but as much as I love watching anime, blogging about it is actually hard. That’s not to say writing isn’t fun and isn’t rewarding, but the time it’s taken for me to consistently cover the four or so shows I was covering the past few weeks was a bit too much for me. I guess I realized now that covering four shows at once with summaries and commentaries is too much. School’s starting for me again in less than two weeks and along with that comes daily homework, thus reducing anime viewing hours considerably. Once I resume work later in the fall, well, needless to say, I’ll loose more time. I’m getting busy already.

In light of these problems, this anime blog will be placed in Hiatus. Thus, I probably won’t be posting anything here for a while because I have no time. The blog may return in a few weeks at best and a few months at worst.

Have a good one.

Regretfully, Committed.


A week of school has passed already. It was weak, to say the least. Anyway, I foresee that the workload will be decent and livable. Thus, I probably will resume blogging again for the fall season. Until then, committed.

One more thing…

I hate painting. Thanks.

Kuttsukiboshi – Episode 1 – First Time Yuri

This show came out of nowhere. I never heard about it until I saw it listed a few days ago. That said, I thought it was pretty good.

So I can’t remember either of the girl’s names. I thought, well, maybe I should go back and rewatch it a bit? No, I thought to myself, because that would be too much work when all I get from google is: Anime Network’s info page. Come on, list the character’s names please. Moving along.

Try hard enough? Oh, really? I'll try hard enough ... now.

A Short Summary

This show has too many lewd topics to be put into words, so, I’m not really going to summarize much.

Basically, Girl A and Girl B really like each other because they’ve been hanging out a lot. Girl A has a power to levitate things, and Girl B likes to study Girl A’s powers. So then they fall in love. And xxxxxxxxxxxxfffffffffffffxfxfxfxxooxoxo and so forth.

After making love a few times, Girl A forgets her cell phone by Girl B’s bed. So Girl A goes to get her phone and opens the lock of Girl B’s apartment. She walks in and discovers that Girl B, her love, is of course, being naughty with Girl B’s brother! Oh no.


Yeah, I skimped. I’ve never seen a Yuri anime before, but I must say, I like it. I’m glad there is blatant fan service like there is for High School of the Dead. The girls are cute, they have good voices. Of course, when they introduced the brother and then put the scene where Girl A breaks into her friends house for her cell phone instead of waiting for the next morning to get it, I totally saw it coming miles away. I wonder how the girls can reconcile with the tiny problem discovered at the end. I’m not talking about the incest! No, I’m talking about Girl A’s shoes – that she left behind. Ah, well, time will only tell. I hope they release one each week from here on until it’s just done, but if it’s an OVA it’ll take months. That’d be too bad.

The animation isn’t spectacular. If this is a short, one – or few time thing, well, I’d expect some more vibrancy. But maybe that’s just how this copy was when I saw it. I don’t know.

So this is an excellent anime so far. I don’t know how long it’ll be because nobody knows yet?

Awaiting commit.

Initial commit.

Thinking about it, out of all the blogs I’ve ever had, I’ve never had one that I wanted to write for myself. That’s what this is: a destination for me to spew some ill-thought out opinions about anime that I do in fact enjoy watching. It’s not about work – I mean, it’ll be work to write this stuff, to take the screencaps, to think of witty jokes, but hey, that’s fun. I think.

Honestly, I’ve been watching anime for years, but I had only started reading anime blogs like THAT and Sea Slugs recently. In fact, they inspired me to do this, in a way. I love reading the snide remarks on the images pretty much all of the bloggers at THAT and Sea Slugs do. It’s bound to come up, but I don’t know if prefer editorial over episodic, but probably which ever gets me more laughs.

The initial commit is a source control term, where you submit your code to the system for safe keeping – basically, it’s where all things start. That’s exactly what this post is, a fresh start.