Initial commit.

Thinking about it, out of all the blogs I’ve ever had, I’ve never had one that I wanted to write for myself. That’s what this is: a destination for me to spew some ill-thought out opinions about anime that I do in fact enjoy watching. It’s not about work – I mean, it’ll be work to write this stuff, to take the screencaps, to think of witty jokes, but hey, that’s fun. I think.

Honestly, I’ve been watching anime for years, but I had only started reading anime blogs like THAT and Sea Slugs recently. In fact, they inspired me to do this, in a way. I love reading the snide remarks on the images pretty much all of the bloggers at THAT and Sea Slugs do. It’s bound to come up, but I don’t know if prefer editorial over episodic, but probably which ever gets me more laughs.

The initial commit is a source control term, where you submit your code to the system for safe keeping – basically, it’s where all things start. That’s exactly what this post is, a fresh start.

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The result of mixing Ryan and Anime. I brought the slightly technical background knowledge to create and run this blog. I like slice of life, supernatural and grim horror anime series. I love the jokes hidden throughout anime and even my posts.

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