Amagami SS – Episode 5 – Kaoru turns it up

It’s like I’ve written this post before – I have. I wrote this post to test out my theme and tinker with the screencap system. But don’t worry, the post doesn’t have any major flaws, except, well, being the first real write up I’ve ever done.

Kaoru seriously turned it up this episode. Junichi is the kinky one, we all knew that when he was with Haruka. But Haruka never knowingly pushed Junichi towards anything, at least not until late in the game. Kaoru did though, she thought about it a lot. I’m still figuring things out here, but I’ll try my hand first.

Where are those hands going?

I didn’t miss half the episode, but the second half was the half with all the juice. Junichi is sitting in the classroom and suddenly stands, walks to Kaoru and tells her to met him in the library room. This is a completely different direction than Haruka’s arc, where she invited him to find a secret and secluded place.

Once in the library, Junichi let’s his fledging love know that he wants to use his hands. Well, not really, tickling won’t be good enough for him. Kaoru teases him with, “Well, if I said no? Or if I did say yes?” He fumbles his response with, “I’ll do it with all my might!” I paraphrased that. Somehow though, it turns out he is going to kiss her behind the knee bellybutton for revenge. What?

Is that lower hand really necessary?

Haruka’s behind the knee action is hard to trump, but at least they’re keeping the theme going with this.

Arc 1: Behind the knee. Arc 2: On the belly-button

Through out this episode, I loved to see Miya get screen time. She’s an odd ball though, even convincing herself that rice chips taste like meat buns. She was lucky enough to catch her dear Nii-nii under a girl’s shirt. She was stunned.

'We used to do that...'

Afterwards, Junichi and Kaoru managed to escape the claustrophobic library room to the hallway, commenting on how fun that was. Calling him a bad boy was certainly an understatement, you know, with Haruka and all. Suggesting to go for a walk in the park, they eventually run into two boys who have their birdie stuck in a tree. Did you see a tennis court nearby? I didn’t. Anyway, Kaoru insists on helping, at the momentary expense of having Junichi hold her up long enough to jump into the tree. Junichi commented about how amazing her thighs were. She refused to jump down while he was looking up. He turned the other way, but I wonder if the boys did. She eventually did jump down, and realized she was late for work.


As I mentioned, I’m still toying with the writing style, the way things look and work. I messed up a screenshot and I’m not going to fix it, otherwise I would’ve commented about the park scene more. I didn’t quite like the transition from, “I’ll only get down if you look away,” to “Awww, you’ll go to the park with me next time? Seriously? Awe-some!” Nevertheless, the episode did make one thing clear: Junichi is a bad boy. The cliffhanger in this episode was the story about the guy who was with Kaoru’s mother. The first episode established that she and her mother were always alone, even on Christmas, so another guy in the mix – who knows what can happen.

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