Ookami-san – Episode 6

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Geoffry Peterson's 'Now that's proper suction'

We start out with Ringo needlessly vacuuming a wood floor, and with Ryoko leaving to go to the gym. In this episode, there is much needed back-story. Let’s start out with that.

Ryoshi is depressed, it seems because he is sitting on a hill, near a bridge. He was wondering about the guy from the last episode, the one with the crazy Shiki spiky white hair. He’s concerned about what past Ryoko and the white-haired guy have together, and decides to ask Ringo about it at a nearby restaurant.

If Ryoko didn't know better, she'd think something was fishy...

Ringo explains to Ryoshi, “You’re not ready yet, because she’s not ready to tell you yet.” He needs to allow Ryoko to tell him her past, because it was so truamatic for her, although it didn’t take Ringo nearly as long to earn that incredible trust. Of course Ryoko likes cute things so it was easy to adapt to Ringo.

Ringo returns home, well, to her dorm room. She’s recollecting the memories of middle school when she first met Ryoko by looking at a scrap book. Her memories narrate the first confrontation with the deadly wolf – asleep. Ringo walked into to Ryoko’s dorm room and thought no one was there and almost stumbled over a book with less than 200 pages. She noticed that Ryoko was indeed, there, but sleeping. She was in fact so out of it, because of her cold that she was mumbling in her sleep. I’m pretty sure the phrase was, “someone believe me.”

I'll hold your hand if you don't bite

Ringo proceeded to watch over Ryoko until she woke up, becoming obsessed with her mystery, her allure, and most likely, her body. After becoming on friends on a first name basis, Ryoko is followed by Ringo everywhere and all the time. The second part to the memory was when a middle school kid, presumably, was being beaten up by some, presumably, high school kids. She couldn’t let it go, so Ryoko quickly dashed off into a 3-vs-1 battle, when the three were in fact twice her size at least. Ringo saved Ryoko from being beaten too by fake-calling the police.

After this, in a small children’s park, Ringo is washing up her puppy Ryoko. Ryoko doesn’t understand why Ringo is still doing this and Ringo responds with what she overheard Ryoko whisper earlier. Ryoko is shocked that someone else knew those words, and denies it.

The wolf has a puppy now

Ringo stops Ryoko’s denial by telling her that she’s afraid of betrayal and that she won’t ever betray her. Of course, unless it’s to suggest Ryoko is girly, in that case she’ll do it.


Well, I can honestly say that I hate recap posts, summery posts, or whatever you call whatever the stuff above was. I’d much rather give my impressions off. So that won’t happen again.

Moving along – I think this episode was excellent. It told us somethings about Ryoko and Ringo that we didn’t know yet. Things like Ringo is obsessed with Ryoko because they have similar problems. Ryoshi’s screen time made the atmosphere weaker, I think. He didn’t contribute to the overall story, but his view on how Ryoko was open to Ringo was nice to see. Overall, this was good.

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