What Will He Do, Misaka?

It’s certainly been a long time since the last long post I wrote about Index 2. Any episode, essentially, with Misaka Mikoto is worth writing about though.

Obviously he want's you to switch places with Index

Misaka and Touma are in this sports tournament which of course the entire city participates in. While the parents are meeting, Touma is devising a way to get to the inner spark of Biribiri. The bargain is that if her school wins, he has to do anything she wants him to do, and if his school wins, then she must do anything he wants. I recall that they’re only one year apart, that Touma is in high school while Biribiri is in the last year of middle school. Sounds like a great match.

Electrically committed.

Fall Season 2010

It’s getting incredibly close to the beginning of the fall season. I haven’t been keeping up with the end of the current series conclusions but I will watch it all in one go soon.

I have been watching the remake of Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I remember commenting to myself last year that I hated the animation. It turns out, I don’t even notice it now, whatever the problem was. The story is much better now to say the least; fleshing out so many details and answering unanswered questions. I have yet to finish, but with less than fifteen episodes to go, I’ll probably get it done before Friday.

This fall season, I intend to make a return covering two lovely series.

The first being a carryover, Amagami SS. As one of the few anime series remaining from the summer season and as one of my favorites, I’ll happily cover it. There’s plenty of commentary to go through, after all. I am certainly looking forward to the remaining arcs, especially the class president’s, Tsukasa Ayatsuji.

The second series I will cover is Index 2. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (which bizarrely doesn’t have an entry on Wikipedia) was favorite series from last year. I remember watching Index 1 but it wasn’t as complete as Railgun was. Actually, I like Misaka much more than I actually like Index. Index is annoying, Misaka isn’t.

I also have some surprises planned for this season here on the blog. They’re not ready yet, but look for a post concerning each of those surprises soon.

Awaiting commit.