Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 6

I like this show a lot – it has no point. Therefore, this should be a short post because there is no need to describe what happened, since nothing did.

An example of: No Point No Plot

Last season, there was this cat show. I can’t even remember the name since I dropped it on episode six. The point is though, they did something very similar in one episode – there was an alternative world with the same characters riding around in GUNDAMs. That’s always eye catching, but it’s pointless.

I expected Hayate to walk in to mediate

Eventually the sillyness ends with the strange intro and gundam scenes, only to find ourselves watching a TV being watched by Suzu and perhaps her sister.

Who are these 'rules' for exactly?

They have a new rule every episode but I don’t understand who they are for. They can’t really be for the girls because Shino breaks them every time.

Again - I'm on top because I'm the president
It wasn't a prank - but it's more like you opened your eyes wider

The ghost of the haunted bathroom/hallway is none other than the student counsel’s advisor. Shino and Aria quickly snatch the confiscated magazine from her and start reading it intently. So much for that blind eye.

She's one of the knights that say 'nii'

Tsuda’s sister isn’t very well developed, but we know she has the same mind as Shino and the rest of the crazy people at that school. She’ll fit right in next year, when she attends. Anyway, like another anime I watch, the sister in this show insists on the Nii part and while cute for a moment, becomes incredibly annoying.

Too bad shark week ended already...

I had nothing to say for that one.


This show doesn’t need impressions. There’s no development, nor plot, nor point. Well, Madoka apparently likes Tsuda because she keeps talking to her Judo club about him. I think that’s it. The entire episode, only one legitimate fact was obtained. This show is for laughs, so that’s fine.


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