Digimon Xros Episode 2

A few weeks ago, I was bored. And since I was bored, I decided to checkout the latest season of Digimon Xros. The first episode lacked any true content because it was an introduction to the characters and some base digimon. The second episode though was a bit better.

A Quickmon Summary

3 kids. Bunch of monsters ending with mon. Kids walk off. Evil mon attack kids, good mon save kids and get beaten. Good mon talk about their hope to save their friends which encourges kids to support good mon. They DigiXros into super mon. Super mon beats scary evil mon. The end.

The Real Story

I have no intention of covering this show. But this show does raise a few questions. Why wasn’t this series being written, like Pokemon’s new season, for a more mature audience. The first season saw the kids grow quite a bit in a single season – dealing with issues of hardcore betrayal and other issues teenagers face. But no, these kids really couldn’t be any younger, could they?

Are they ten? Would a ten year old girl really wear that?

First of all, what’s going on with these kids? Every single season has kids and that’s fine, that’s the market they’re going for. Don’t audiences want a bit more maturity from their TV though? Seriously, these kids look way too young. According to Wikipedia’s article though, Taiki is in 7th grade, Akari is in 6th and nobody cares are weird-name-kun. So in 7th grade, I was, what, 13? Something doesn’t seem right.

Does she play basketball, because those shoes are huge.

Some of the art in this series is silly. The digimon look well crafted as always, but the problem lies with the humans. Look at their shoes, their bodies, and their hair. It’s not right. Gravity their pseudo-earth has seriously gone awry.

So Taiki is staring at a Digimon's...

You have three main human characters right now. There are in fact more humans involved, but we don’t know them yet. You have Taiki like the hero character of season one, you have Akari who has a striking resemblance to a character in season one and you have some other guy who I’ve never seen before, Zenjiro. That’s an odd name. Taiki of course plays the leader. And it’s always been the same since season one. Any innovation here? No.

That said, this is a perfect children’s show. It’s easily repeatable so children get it through their heads stuck in their heads. The Digimon names aren’t very imaginative this season though, you know, with Cutemon and all. I remember when I was a kid, way too long ago to remember though, I enjoyed Digimon more than the Pokemon anime. Because this show a moving story line, where Pokemon was just boring.

Overall, I’m not seriously watching this show or even blogging about it. If you need to burn sometime though and you saw the first two seasons, you can enjoy laughing at how different this show is.

Partially committed.

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