Ookami-san – Episode 7

This week’s episode of Ookami-san was great. It added more background to Ryoko and to her arch nemesis. There was of course some eye candy too, one might say – Ryoko wasn’t wearing that senseless outfit of normal.

Ryoko calls this her regular outfit - Ryoshi would love that to be true

A Quick Summary

Ryoshi runs to the meeting spot of an arranged double date – in the form of a ‘job’. Ringo previously set this up by way of a student desiring to repay whoever was cleaning his house and cooking for him, so she arranged this dating ‘game’ as a repayment. Ryoko has an ear piece which allows Ryoko and Ringo to chat while Ringo hides about the area, even while Ryoko looks for her. Eventually, the date starts and Ringo wants Ryoko to hold Ryoshi’s hand to perk up the dating atmosphere. The couples head to the local park where Ryoko hears a cat, but walks on to the picnic area. While setting up, Ryoko dashes off and Ryoshi follows. She’s trying to get the kitten down from the tree, and while she is leaning on the branch, it snaps and she falls into a shallow lake causing her to have amnesia of who she and Ryoshi are. Ryoshi explains to her while eating lunch, also offering to take her to the hospital. They get caught in the rain while the amnesia laden Ryoko 13-year-old Ryoko is exploring an unknown town causing Ryoshi to have Ringo meet them at a local restaurant. While explaining the situation to Ringo, Ryoko tries to get Ryoshi to accept some parfait, but is unable to hear her through his concern of her well being. She runs off and meets the white/blue hair guy from her past and is shocked too much to react. Ryoshi mets up with her and they have a little talk and even going so far as to snap magically Ryoshi’s slingshot. Ringo joins them and all is well soon as she goes to the hospital. Ryoko refuses to admit she remembers what happened while she was out of her mind, but she does in fact remember.

Imagine that it was a flip book

'My... what big hands you have...'
They all oogled at that video - what did she just do?
The pillow got more action than Ryoshi
'If you don't wake up, I'll use mouth-to-mouth, Ryoko!'
'My... what big eyes you have...'
Yin and Yang

This one deserves some compliments though. It wasn’t obvious at first, but in this sense, it’s easy. Look at the white/blue hair guy’s cloths. Black shirt with white pants. And then look at Ryoshi’s white shirt and black pants. It’s a contrast – specifically the contrast of Ryoko’s personality right now and as a 13-year-old. Or it’s a contrast between white/blue hair guy’s evil heart and Ryoshi’s true love for Ryoko.

Ryoshi forgot to take a picture yesterday with his phone - this will have to do


This episode made things from Ryoko’s past make a bit more sense. She was always shy, even with her friends. She was a naieve and young girl at heart, even going so far as to wear lightly colored and frilly cloths. That’s a pretty good indication of why Mr. Evil White Hair totally did something to her. Ryoshi in this episode was also fun, he was serious most of the time, but he had his moments of weakness when Ryoko’s beauty overwhelmed him. Ringo of course had a field day with all of the dating going on and of course her love of in house spy cameras.

So, in conclusion, this was an excellent episode.


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