Ookami-san – Episode 8

Warning: this episode was filler and absolutely devoid of any material. Actually, it wasn’t there some excellent moments in there, those being the cameos of Saten, Uiharu, Misaka and Shirai and of course the ending.

Do not tease others who are not well endowed.

A Quick Summary

This episode goes like this: boss the tells the bank members that they have a job – to find a bride for a 12 year old kid whose family tradition is to be married on their twelfth birthday. Ryoko, Ringo and Ryoshi go out with the kid and his butler to find the wife of his dreams, basically inspecting every single female member we have seen in the show thus far. They even poke some fun at Ringo and Ryoko.

Near the end of the episode, things turn around. The butler notices that the boy’s childhood girl friend has been following him around all day. He tells his young charge that there is one type of wife that money and power cannot buy: the childhood friend! And of course, she runs up to him and confesses her love to him just like that, ending the search.

Ookami wants to eat the filler

This has happened a lot recently. I remember blogging about it too. That said, this one actually led somewhere that gave out bonus fan service.

Ringo's fantasy - Ookami and the 3 pigs

This time the joke fell on the three pigs. They were fat guys basically, all with serious issues ranging from playing twister to using messed up sentences. In the end, it was shown that Ringo made the movie because she has some seriously messed up fantasies.


When the big busted lady came out, they were shocked at how caviler the butler was with her. She protested but quickly dropped out of the game when the realization of gravity literally brought her down.

I agree, she looks very wife-like, for some reason.

I don’t know why, but I agree with Shirai-narrator. She looks like she could be a housewife, easily. Maybe it’s the hair?

It was odd that the butler had the cast go around like a bunch of crazies and then suddenly pulled the boy’s childhood friend out of a hat. It was amazing how quickly the problem resolved itself. Maybe it was to show the boy that there is more to love than buy it? I don’t know. But this is filler, so there is no surprise that it can be messed up.

And now, the best part.

Uiharu - Couldn't capture the others.

I don’t know if the same company that make Railgun makes Ookami-san, but if they do, they need to make this joke a bit more often. They did it with Lucky Star, so why not here? I also saw Taiga I think, but I don’t know for sure.


I got bored writing this halfway through. Really, inexcusably bored. So I’m not going to say anything else. There’s no reason to comment on filler.