Maid-sama – Episode 21 – I Don’t Like You-kun

Okay, I admit it. Instead of writing a real post, I’m going to rant as a post. I don’t do it often, but there’s a first for everything.

That's how I felt watching You-kun!

Seriously, Usui x Misaki was going excellently and instead of going straight for the cake, we have to sidetrack to this You-kun guy to get there. Assuming, we do, in fact, get there. Okay fine.

Wimpy Summary

Not summarizing failure.

Sekia high school, some guy whose name I don’t know, nor care about right now. That’s right, he eats a lot and jumps from the top of the school building when the wind blows a bread crust away to catch it in his mouth. He’s crazy. He’s also obsessed with Misa, but not in the way the three idiots are. They’re cool about it, and Usui’s better. Moving along, Misaki realizes eventually that he is from her childhood when she was telling him to be careful while in a tree. He was reaching for some cherries but of course fell because he was chubby. And so, she was in the hospital with him, as a kid mind you, and giving him cake telling him to follow her from now on. Of course, this was probably inspired due to the cake. Sure.

Why are the guys so happy with him?

Incidentally, he was in a tree once more at the end of the episode. He was being disruptive so Misaki as the president had to stop him. He wouldn’t come down some she threatened him by possibly taking his food away. Fearful, he looses his balance. And equally fearful that a student is falling from a tree, Misaki shouts his old name, You-kun and he does a back flip, lands on her feet and jumps to hug her. The end.


Having a lame character like this guy, well, that’s just how anime are written, right? Usui obviously needed a rival in love and nobody else was delivering. Yukimura’s friend was noticing of course that Usui never proclaimed Misaki as his girlfriend, so now that he is too late due the appearance of a rival, what will happen?

Maybe there is more too him than what they’ve revealed. I hope so, maybe he’ll grow on me, I don’t know. I’m much more interested in Usui’s back story.

One will fail, one will prevail.

Partial commit.