Maid-sama – Episode 21 – I Don’t Like You-kun

Okay, I admit it. Instead of writing a real post, I’m going to rant as a post. I don’t do it often, but there’s a first for everything.

That's how I felt watching You-kun!

Seriously, Usui x Misaki was going excellently and instead of going straight for the cake, we have to sidetrack to this You-kun guy to get there. Assuming, we do, in fact, get there. Okay fine.

Wimpy Summary

Not summarizing failure.

Sekia high school, some guy whose name I don’t know, nor care about right now. That’s right, he eats a lot and jumps from the top of the school building when the wind blows a bread crust away to catch it in his mouth. He’s crazy. He’s also obsessed with Misa, but not in the way the three idiots are. They’re cool about it, and Usui’s better. Moving along, Misaki realizes eventually that he is from her childhood when she was telling him to be careful while in a tree. He was reaching for some cherries but of course fell because he was chubby. And so, she was in the hospital with him, as a kid mind you, and giving him cake telling him to follow her from now on. Of course, this was probably inspired due to the cake. Sure.

Why are the guys so happy with him?

Incidentally, he was in a tree once more at the end of the episode. He was being disruptive so Misaki as the president had to stop him. He wouldn’t come down some she threatened him by possibly taking his food away. Fearful, he looses his balance. And equally fearful that a student is falling from a tree, Misaki shouts his old name, You-kun and he does a back flip, lands on her feet and jumps to hug her. The end.


Having a lame character like this guy, well, that’s just how anime are written, right? Usui obviously needed a rival in love and nobody else was delivering. Yukimura’s friend was noticing of course that Usui never proclaimed Misaki as his girlfriend, so now that he is too late due the appearance of a rival, what will happen?

Maybe there is more too him than what they’ve revealed. I hope so, maybe he’ll grow on me, I don’t know. I’m much more interested in Usui’s back story.

One will fail, one will prevail.

Partial commit.

Maid-sama Episode 19

No more summary for you.

As a continuation episode, Usui and Misaki engage in a life-or-death struggle to save Maid Latte from being bought out. Usui and Misaki are teamed up now because their normal partners have been disqualified. The second round of the Butler auditions is setting a table to present to official butlers for judging. Misaki wants to use the bathroom but has a hard time because there is a guy coming by. She returns to find out they have moved on to the next round of actually being a butler for a few judges. Usui manages to get them the last entry spot in that round – then her high school friend, Yukimura comes over and she tumbles backwards. Usui being the lover he is heroically falls under Misaki to save her, but he severely hurts his arms. During the butler trial, Usui doesn’t do much physical labor as Misaki won’t let him. So instead, he plays the violin beautifully. Miskai eventually thinks that he has had enough and quits. That’s about it. Now, on with those pictures.

He's blond.

Mr. Nott Usui was an amazing edition to this episode and it appears he makes a minor appearance in the next episode as well. Yukimura’s gullibility is amazing.

Since there were no girls there, supposedly, this would've been a good time to 'peak'

Misaki couldn’t even go to the bathroom without trouble.

A man would say that, good work Misaki.

Or you could just fight the disruptive land purchase in court and not do all of this. Or not.

Usui innocently said that of course
Oh no - I've fallen and I can't get up!

When Misaki fell in fear, Usui jumped in to rescue her hurting himself.

The sweat gave it away

Usui decides to play the violin instead doing actual work, but the violin requires arms too. Couldn’t he do an small Opera or something? No arms.

Later, Misaki goes to meet Usui where ever he lives, which is apparently an apartment. It feels like I knew that already though.

Did he name the cat, 'Misaki?'
Imagine if her sister was doing the cooking - watermelons.

Finally, the best picture by far.

He'd wrap his arms around you, but he can't right now.


This was a decent episode. We saw how committed Usui was to protecting Misaki. We also saw how much she has developed. She wouldn’t have accepted his help in the beginning and she wouldn’t even have trusted him. Now, she let him try to work even after being injured. She’s progressing well. The final scene was the most characterizing. Usui leads a barren life, he has little furniture, little paper work and just about nothing. He has a cat though, the one he picked up a while ago. He also ran out of the hospital. Maybe he hoped Misaki would come to see him if he did that, or he’s terrified of needles. Eventually, Misaki said she was trying to return all of the favors he gave her, but that’s it not working. Usui replies that he’s been giving something by her. We’ll have to see how that develops.
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Well, that’s another one. Committed.