Maid-sama – Episode 20

This show has an unusual amount of filler episodes. This episode consists of making Yukimura’s little sister be a princess for a day. And then there’s a side show about a promotional video shoot with Yukimura and his hypnotic sidekick.

If Misaki x Usui actually had a child

A Quick Summary

Yukimura’s sister walks by the front of his school and she introduces him as a boy in the neighborhood to her friends. Misaki and Usui walk into the scene together and Yukimura’s sister immediatly notices his blonde hair and claims him as her prince. From there, 15 minutes are spent with Usui walking around the city with a little girl while dressed a prince.

In the second half, Aoi-girl wants to make a PV of him/her-self and Yukimura and the other guy just happen to be there when he surrounded by a group of guys. The three idiots come along in a flea market sale and of course, Misaki’s sister is selling something. Aoi takes the memory card out of his camera and is holding it incredibly close to the edge of a cliff and a thief comes running by and knocks him over causing the memory card to plummet to the ground below. Additional, he is pushed off but Misaki whom of course was chasing the thief managed to grab his hand in the nick of time. The memory card safely landed in Usui’s hand while he was sleeping on a bench below in the park.

An episode of filler: priceless

'It's a prince!...
'A princess should not use those words!'
Misaki seriously looked better than Yukimura's sister as a princess.
A setting that is too perfect - and nobody notices
The weird sister.
'How about a candy whip... please?'


An episode like this is really pointless. It didn’t move the story with Misaki and Usui along at all – although I didn’t expect it to because of what happened last week. That was enough for everyone for a while. I don’t like Yukimura or Aoi/girl/boy so there wasn’t much going on here. It was nice to see Misaki as a princess though instead of a maid.

Speaking of maids. This anime doesn’t really revolve around maids as much as one would be led to believe. It’s sometimes absent in an episode completely and sometimes it’s center stage. I wonder how many episodes this is going to go for.


Amagami SS – Episode 7 – Kaoru Arc III

Finally we can see what has troubled Kaoru so much. This episode was excellent, we had more glimpses of other arc heroines and of course more screen time with our male lead – but unfortunately without any strange and new methods of kissing.

A Quick Summary

Junichi is watching TV with Miya and snacking on their favorite rice chips. A commercial with a girl in a bikini comes on and he stares at her bellybutton remembering his evil-doings from just yesterday. Miya notices and hits with a pillow calling him a pervert and a bellybutton-kisser. Later at school, Kaoru does not show up for class. Concerned, he asks he girl who he gave to advice to a few days ago where she is. She tried to call, but never got through because no one answered. Then, he goes to all of the places she hangs out, and then runs off into the city ignoring the rest of the day’s classes. He thinks about her favorite candy in a grocery store, he meets the boys whose birdie Kaoru saved – they told him that she was crying down by the beach. He just misses her, and he walks off somewhere and eventually overhears Haruka and Hibiki talking about a waitress that spilled crab all over.

Junichi found Kaoru working at her restaurant. He tried to get her attention through the class but only managed to get a customers attention and is broke so he can’t walk in and order coffee. He waits outside the back door for a while, and Kaoru pokes her head out saying it’ll be 15 minutes before her next break – she also gave Junichi a scarf During her break, she spills the beans: her mother was with a man she didn’t know – her mom smiled in a way she wouldn’t do at home so she was angry and when got home, they had a fight. Kaoru didn’t want her mom to remarry, so she stayed out all night at an manga cafe after seeing her mom with some guy. Then she hurls Junichi over and returns to work, well, after some mushy stuff. She goes to call her mom. Miya and her friends are walking by, but luckily don’t see Junichi this time. Finally, Junichi gives Kaoru her present – her favorite candy. The next day she is full of energy and very cheery, she thanks Junichi.

That was longer than I expected, but it was easier to write because I paused halfway in each section.

A Tale Along A Scarf – Impressions Mixed In

She's right - he's a bellybutton-licking freak

Miya took a moment before the opening credits to roll out what possibly could be the naming calling insult of the year: bullybutton-licking freak. She witnessed the previous escapade of Junichi in the library so she has every right to say this. Miya doesn’t really shy around Kaoru at all, unlike she did with Haruka, and the reason for that is still unknown.

'I'm homeless... could I have some coffee... please...?'

Kaoru is found working and she notices him outside the window. She presents to him the scarf of his dreams, but I guess we don’t know if he keeps it or not. Anyway, he was willing to wait outside for her entire shift to end but luckily he’s not sly at all and is easily noticeable. Kaoru also showed her generosity by way of the scarf.

She should be careful - Junichi has hot coffee in his hands

The emotional dump upon Junichi was taken very well. Thinking about on it now after watching the entire episode, it wasn’t that emotional. She wasn’t screaming and crying and she was totally crazy either. She obviously calmed down a lot already before he even got there. She was stable enough to be working after all.

They had three colors of what?

I think every arc girl was in this episode. Of course Miya was with Ai and the other girl. Those three were talking about something, but they didn’t allude as to what it was. Something for Christmas perhaps?

'That was perfect.' - Hit By A Truck When Crossing Road

Junichi gave Kaoru her favorite chocolate and started to cross the road. I thought for sure something was going to happen in that time to make this entire arc totally win. But that wasn’t to be since no truck came out of nowhere.

That's how you walk when out on dates - not in school!

The day after brings Kaoru new life. Junichi offers to help carry a huge amount of paper for single class. That’s absurd. That school needs help.

And she called -him- a pervert!

It wasn’t the final scene, but seriously it was amazing. I never expected her to walk in while he was taking a bath. Since Miya called him a pervert earlier, I it was ironic she did that herself, so she’s more so than he is. Interesting for her I think. I couldn’t quite tell if she was honestly concerned about him in a hot bath and being all red and such.


Well, my impressions were above. Kaoru and Junichi have affirmed their relationship with each other, more or less. He vowed to stay with her. It’s kind of like the Haruka arc, she was lonely and he was going to be there for her. Kaoru wasn’t so lonely, she wanted to cherish her father’s memory and live with her mother alone. But as times change, she’s getting what is very much like a new guy in her life – making it more fair for her mother to also have new love in her life too.

Good episode.


Ookami-san – Episode 7

This week’s episode of Ookami-san was great. It added more background to Ryoko and to her arch nemesis. There was of course some eye candy too, one might say – Ryoko wasn’t wearing that senseless outfit of normal.

Ryoko calls this her regular outfit - Ryoshi would love that to be true

A Quick Summary

Ryoshi runs to the meeting spot of an arranged double date – in the form of a ‘job’. Ringo previously set this up by way of a student desiring to repay whoever was cleaning his house and cooking for him, so she arranged this dating ‘game’ as a repayment. Ryoko has an ear piece which allows Ryoko and Ringo to chat while Ringo hides about the area, even while Ryoko looks for her. Eventually, the date starts and Ringo wants Ryoko to hold Ryoshi’s hand to perk up the dating atmosphere. The couples head to the local park where Ryoko hears a cat, but walks on to the picnic area. While setting up, Ryoko dashes off and Ryoshi follows. She’s trying to get the kitten down from the tree, and while she is leaning on the branch, it snaps and she falls into a shallow lake causing her to have amnesia of who she and Ryoshi are. Ryoshi explains to her while eating lunch, also offering to take her to the hospital. They get caught in the rain while the amnesia laden Ryoko 13-year-old Ryoko is exploring an unknown town causing Ryoshi to have Ringo meet them at a local restaurant. While explaining the situation to Ringo, Ryoko tries to get Ryoshi to accept some parfait, but is unable to hear her through his concern of her well being. She runs off and meets the white/blue hair guy from her past and is shocked too much to react. Ryoshi mets up with her and they have a little talk and even going so far as to snap magically Ryoshi’s slingshot. Ringo joins them and all is well soon as she goes to the hospital. Ryoko refuses to admit she remembers what happened while she was out of her mind, but she does in fact remember.

Imagine that it was a flip book

'My... what big hands you have...'
They all oogled at that video - what did she just do?
The pillow got more action than Ryoshi
'If you don't wake up, I'll use mouth-to-mouth, Ryoko!'
'My... what big eyes you have...'
Yin and Yang

This one deserves some compliments though. It wasn’t obvious at first, but in this sense, it’s easy. Look at the white/blue hair guy’s cloths. Black shirt with white pants. And then look at Ryoshi’s white shirt and black pants. It’s a contrast – specifically the contrast of Ryoko’s personality right now and as a 13-year-old. Or it’s a contrast between white/blue hair guy’s evil heart and Ryoshi’s true love for Ryoko.

Ryoshi forgot to take a picture yesterday with his phone - this will have to do


This episode made things from Ryoko’s past make a bit more sense. She was always shy, even with her friends. She was a naieve and young girl at heart, even going so far as to wear lightly colored and frilly cloths. That’s a pretty good indication of why Mr. Evil White Hair totally did something to her. Ryoshi in this episode was also fun, he was serious most of the time, but he had his moments of weakness when Ryoko’s beauty overwhelmed him. Ringo of course had a field day with all of the dating going on and of course her love of in house spy cameras.

So, in conclusion, this was an excellent episode.


Digimon Xros Episode 2

A few weeks ago, I was bored. And since I was bored, I decided to checkout the latest season of Digimon Xros. The first episode lacked any true content because it was an introduction to the characters and some base digimon. The second episode though was a bit better.

A Quickmon Summary

3 kids. Bunch of monsters ending with mon. Kids walk off. Evil mon attack kids, good mon save kids and get beaten. Good mon talk about their hope to save their friends which encourges kids to support good mon. They DigiXros into super mon. Super mon beats scary evil mon. The end.

The Real Story

I have no intention of covering this show. But this show does raise a few questions. Why wasn’t this series being written, like Pokemon’s new season, for a more mature audience. The first season saw the kids grow quite a bit in a single season – dealing with issues of hardcore betrayal and other issues teenagers face. But no, these kids really couldn’t be any younger, could they?

Are they ten? Would a ten year old girl really wear that?

First of all, what’s going on with these kids? Every single season has kids and that’s fine, that’s the market they’re going for. Don’t audiences want a bit more maturity from their TV though? Seriously, these kids look way too young. According to Wikipedia’s article though, Taiki is in 7th grade, Akari is in 6th and nobody cares are weird-name-kun. So in 7th grade, I was, what, 13? Something doesn’t seem right.

Does she play basketball, because those shoes are huge.

Some of the art in this series is silly. The digimon look well crafted as always, but the problem lies with the humans. Look at their shoes, their bodies, and their hair. It’s not right. Gravity their pseudo-earth has seriously gone awry.

So Taiki is staring at a Digimon's...

You have three main human characters right now. There are in fact more humans involved, but we don’t know them yet. You have Taiki like the hero character of season one, you have Akari who has a striking resemblance to a character in season one and you have some other guy who I’ve never seen before, Zenjiro. That’s an odd name. Taiki of course plays the leader. And it’s always been the same since season one. Any innovation here? No.

That said, this is a perfect children’s show. It’s easily repeatable so children get it through their heads stuck in their heads. The Digimon names aren’t very imaginative this season though, you know, with Cutemon and all. I remember when I was a kid, way too long ago to remember though, I enjoyed Digimon more than the Pokemon anime. Because this show a moving story line, where Pokemon was just boring.

Overall, I’m not seriously watching this show or even blogging about it. If you need to burn sometime though and you saw the first two seasons, you can enjoy laughing at how different this show is.

Partially committed.

Highschool of the Dead Episode 6

Another show with little plot development. This is what I call a One Pic Post or an OPP. A single picture can summarize the entire episode. Often times, at least with a show like this, it can summarize the entire tone of the entire series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Quick Summary

The entire gang is hiding out at the nurse’s friend’s house. The girls at the beginning of the episode are taking a bath together and some of them apparently had a few drinks. Rei and Marikawa (the nurse) had a bunch of drinks and both glomp Hirano and Takashi, they both enjoy their physical contact time. Eventually, the police get an all clear to use any means necessary to stop the zombies and keep control of the situation, so they start shooting rioters and using bulldozers. At the end of the episode, we see Takashi get angry with Rei over brining up Hisashi all the time, and she starts to grope.


There's an zoommmbbbbiiiiieeeee in your pppaanntsssss...

Even if this show is known for the huge amount of fan service, something like this probably would happen if a bunch of teenagers managed to survive for more than a day with an unequal amount of boys and girls – especially those boys and girls with an established relationship history. Perhaps that one realistic thing, that “it’s the end of the world, so let’s get it on” occurrence, is the only real value of this show.

Asobi ni Iku yo! dropped in 15 minutes

I was bored the other day, so I was checking out my options. Since I just had to watch something, I decided to try out Asobi ni Iku yo. Well, that plan didn’t work out.

At first, there was some kind of ship on some kind of ocean, and there was a mecha-suit for some girl to beat up all of the people on the ship. She eventually made her way to the head of ship, where she met the alleged captain, who had a bomb. She pleaded but failed and the ship exploded. And then the show starts turning sour. Suddenly, there is a cat girl, who is not proportioned for earth gravity – yes, she’s an alien. Somehow, the guy who mets the girl faints, and he winds up in bed, with her, sleeping next to him. His uncle apparently hold her to sleep “where ever”. The guy’s best friend, asks him about it. And then the teacher comes in and starts on some, “You’re too young!” and the story ends there. Because I closed the window. And dropped it.

I was at 15:01 and I closed it, seriously. It’s not coming back. It was terrible.

I discovered this post, describing almost perfectly about how I feel it. Although I disagree about the Angel Beats part, I actually enjoyed Angel Beats.

Commit rejected.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode 6

I like this show a lot – it has no point. Therefore, this should be a short post because there is no need to describe what happened, since nothing did.

An example of: No Point No Plot

Last season, there was this cat show. I can’t even remember the name since I dropped it on episode six. The point is though, they did something very similar in one episode – there was an alternative world with the same characters riding around in GUNDAMs. That’s always eye catching, but it’s pointless.

I expected Hayate to walk in to mediate

Eventually the sillyness ends with the strange intro and gundam scenes, only to find ourselves watching a TV being watched by Suzu and perhaps her sister.

Who are these 'rules' for exactly?

They have a new rule every episode but I don’t understand who they are for. They can’t really be for the girls because Shino breaks them every time.

Again - I'm on top because I'm the president
It wasn't a prank - but it's more like you opened your eyes wider

The ghost of the haunted bathroom/hallway is none other than the student counsel’s advisor. Shino and Aria quickly snatch the confiscated magazine from her and start reading it intently. So much for that blind eye.

She's one of the knights that say 'nii'

Tsuda’s sister isn’t very well developed, but we know she has the same mind as Shino and the rest of the crazy people at that school. She’ll fit right in next year, when she attends. Anyway, like another anime I watch, the sister in this show insists on the Nii part and while cute for a moment, becomes incredibly annoying.

Too bad shark week ended already...

I had nothing to say for that one.


This show doesn’t need impressions. There’s no development, nor plot, nor point. Well, Madoka apparently likes Tsuda because she keeps talking to her Judo club about him. I think that’s it. The entire episode, only one legitimate fact was obtained. This show is for laughs, so that’s fine.